Trojan Pools wrote the book on The Insulated Pool.

In 1957, Trojan Pools manufactured the very first vinyl liner aluminum swimming pool. Utilizing aerospace engineering, these pools were the first and only made from structurally insulated wall panels. Trojan Pools manufacturing employed innovation that was truly ahead of its time.

In 1970, the Trojan Pool was the first vinyl liner pool ever approved for construction in the state of Florida. Many Trojan Pools, commercial as well as residential, have been installed for decades and still look like new. Currently, over 50,000 homeowners enjoy our pools in their backyards.

About Us

“Our family has been enjoying this pool for a long time. Our kids are grown and now the grandkids are having the same fun. We’ve only ever had to replace the liner, no other problems. This is the best investment we ever made.”

The Ludan Family, ON Canada
Installed 1978

About Us

"My father bought this pool when I was about 10 years old. After about 20 years, I moved it to my house and have had it for 20 more years. The only thing I did was buy a new liner. 40 years and one liner seems pretty good to me."

from D. Dufresne - Auburn, MA
Original Install 1968

  • Moved in 1988
  • Liner Replacement 2008


With Radiant Pools, leadership in innovation continues....

Expanding on over 50 years of proven engineering, Radiant Pools continues to manufacture state of the art, energy efficient insulated pools that are strong enough to be installed above ground, in ground, and semi-inground.

In 2006, Radiant Pools became the only swimming pool manufacturer in the industry to become an Energy Star Buildings Partner, dedicated to promoting the energy efficiency of our business. The new owners have made some product modifications to address contemporary pool construction and recently completed renovations and modernization of their 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Albany, NY.