Your Radiant Metric Series pool is to be winterized in the same manner as other pools. However, with the
Metric pool there are some specific steps you need to follow:

1. Make sure all ladders, pool cleaners, toys, floats are out of the water and stored.

2. Make sure the water is clean, balanced, free of algae, and winter chemicals are added.

3. Water is generally lowered to just below the skimmer to ease the plugging and draining of the hoses,
pipes and skimmer.

4. Return Inlet: Remove directional (eyeball) and insert winterizing plug from the inside of the pool.
We recommend a #10 rubber plug or a Hayward SP1022C plug.

5. Make sure the filter and pump pipes, hoses are drained of water. Please follow pump and filter manufacturers specific instructions for winterizing.

6. Skimmer: Remove basket and weir. Insert Gizzmo or styrofoam and/or winterizing plate to prevent ice from
forming a solid block that could damage your skimmer. If using a gizzmo, the standard size is recommended
for aboveground skimmers. For inground skimmers, the super Gizzmo will work best.

7. To winterize the Radiant LED light in your Metric pool, it is our recommendation that you the remove lens cap
from light to prevent ice from catching and causing damage.

8. Install aboveground winter cover, blue side facing up, by inserting beading on cover into bead track of your Metric coping.
The cover bead track on the standard 2” coping is located on the exterior of the pool. The cover bead track
on the 4” coping is located on the interior of the pool, above the liner track. Excess cover material should be
inside the pool and resting on the water. Add a little water on the cover in windy areas to hold the cover down.
No air pillow or flotation is required in the middle of the pool.

9. Check the level of the water under the cover after about one week, a good test for a slow leak in your liner.

For some of the specific how-to instructions, it may be necessary to contact your local pool professional.

If you have any questions about specific instructions for winterizing your Metric Pool, contact our offices
Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM eastern time via phone 1-800-RADIANT and by e-mail at


PDFMetric Winterizing Instructions