Things to Consider When Deciding on a Pool:

Choosing a pool is no easy decision - these days there’s a swimming pool that’s right for virtually every
individual or family looking to add the distinct lifestyle advantage of a backyard vacation to their home or
property. Radiant Pools offers options for everyone, including aboveground, semi-inground and inground
pools. So how do you decide which works best for you? The answer isn’t easy, because there are considerations
that make each pool an attractive option. Generally, the aboveground versus semi or inground decision
relies on four basic factors:

Budget: While either type of pool can add both aesthetic and intrinsic value to your home, there is
a significant price difference between most aboveground and inground options. Aboveground pools
generally cost less than semi-inground and inground pools as the expense of ground preparation
and other materials is much less.

Installation and Style: What kind of landscape do you have? Is your yard on a slope? Is the terrain rocky?
Do you have deed or neighborhood restrictions? It’s very important to consider all your limitations as well
as the possibilities when planning your backyard pool. Radiant Pools offers installation options and
alternatives to address whatever challenges arise when choosing the right pool for your property. It’s always
best to know what you can and can’t do before you make your investment.

Size and Shape: When adding a swimming pool, you must consider two areas: The available lot space on your
property for the addition of a pool, and the area of the pool itself in relation to that space. Are there any local
zoning limitations to consider? How will the pool look once installed? Will the pool be a pleasing addition to
your existing lot, or will it completely dominate your available space?

Value: With Radiant Pools, there is little distinction between aboveground, semi and inground swimming pools.
Every Radiant Pool offers distinct features and benefits that can increase the value of your property. Aboveground
pools can be dismantled, can move if you do, and can even be re-sold if you desire. Semi-Inground and Inground
pools are permanent additions to a space that can add lasting value to a property whether you stay or decide to
move. The Non-Prorated Lifetime Warranty is Fully Transferable for every Radiant Pool. Now that’s true resale value!

What’s Important to You?

You’re making a big investment in your property!
Demand real value for your money. Choosing the pool
that’s right for you is the only thing that matters.
Check out the value-added benefits of Radiant Pools to find
the features and benefits that matter most to you.

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While these four considerations are a strong starting point, there’s much more you can learn by simply consulting
an authorized Radiant Pool dealer or by contacting one of our pool experts via phone or email here>

Things To Do Before You Purchase Your Pool

Here’s a strong beginning checklist of reminders to execute on your own or with your pool builder before
investing in your backyard vacation.

Check the code first: Before heading down the road to owning a swimming pool, be sure to check with your
local building code enforcement office to determine what can (and sometimes cannot) be added to your property.
Each township, borough or county will likely have restrictions on proximity to property lines, utilities, safety
or zoning restrictions, even mandatory green ordinances that could limit the size or style of your swimming pool.
Knowing what your locality allows will help you define limits for your new swimming pool.

Research is key and information is free: Whether it’s on a website, in a showroom, or via literature and videos
provided by a swimming pool contractor or manufacturer, there’s never been more information available about
swimming pools and swimming pool installation. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the styles of pools and
options available to you, the maintenance associated with those pools, and the general process of pool installation.

Will you need an installer? Swimming pools are constructed on your property. Installing a Radiant Pool can be
a quick and easy DIY job as with the Metric Series Round pool or a custom inground building project. As such,
the degree of expertise and experience of your swimming pool supplier and contractor is absolutely essential.
Be sure to check references by calling or visiting previous customers, and ask questions about your particular
project. It’s your investment. Reputable pool contractors and pool suppliers understand that, and should take
the time to answer all your questions. Radiant Pools offers tech support to all it dealers and DIYers.
Check out our installation information here>

Ask questions. Then ask more questions: Any number of questions may apply to your unique situation.
What comes standard with my pool purchase? What safety considerations should I make? How much does
yearly maintenance cost for the pools the supplier recommends? What’s the difference between an aboveground
and inground pool? How long will the project take the builder? Do you offer financing? What guarantees
or warranties does the builder offer? Remember, the only truly bad question is the one that goes unasked.
The amount of time you invest now in preparing to purchase a pool is returned to you over and over again
each time you take a swim. It’s worth the long term peace of mind so you can simply relax and enjoy your pool.