Pool Party Planner: A Checklist

A swimming pool can certainly be a private oasis or backyard vacation for close friends and family.
But if you’re like the millions of people who gear up to throw a pool party every season, the following
pool party checklist will help you make a serious splash with your guests!

The following tips and suggestions will help make your swimming pool party planning a breeze.

Choose a theme: Hawaiian Luau. Surf’s Up. Inflatable Fun. There are all kinds of fun products on
the market to deck out your swimming pool in a chosen theme or style. The best rule of thumb here is…
whatever floats your boat!

Invitations: Set the stage for your pool party by sending invitations that highlight your theme. Also be sure
to include anything that your guests need to bring - swimsuit, sunscreen, beach towel, covered dish or snack, drinks.

Decorations: Turn your backyard swimming pool into a tropical oasis with inflatable palm trees and
tiki torches (using citronella oil can provide protection from pesky insects). For an evening party, create
ambiance by hanging paper lanterns over the pool. Sprinkle a runner of sand across a table and add
some candles and seashells for a beachy feel.

Chairs: Make sure you’ve got plenty of lounge and beach chairs around the pool for your guests.

Activities: Have plenty of rafts and inflatable beach balls and tubes available, as well as diving sticks
and other water toys. Having a children’s birthday party? Balloons make a colorful fun addition to
swimming pools - hang them up or let them float on top of the water.

Food: Grilling out by the pool is always a good choice. The smells and sounds add sizzle to your pool party.
Put out a condiment tray. Serve snacks that won’t spoil in the sun, such as tortilla chips and salsa,
pretzels, crackers, fruit and veggies. Serve the food on plastic recyclable plates (keep all breakables away from
the swimming pool) with plastic eating utensils.

Beverages: Fill a cooler up with bottled waters, lemonade, sodas, juice boxes and keep plenty of ice on hand.

Music: Play your favorite summer tunes outside on waterproof speakers. If you don’t have waterproof speakers,
make sure you keep your stereo or speakers are far enough away from splash zone!

Shade spots: Provide guests with some shelter from the hot summer sun! If you don’t have trees in your yard that provide shade, be sure to provide a beach umbrella, a canopy or extra sunhats.

Bug Spray: And citronella candles. Keep those uninvited pesky guests away!

Stuff to Have on Hand: First Aid kit, sunscreen, extra towels are must. Provide plastic bags for people to take home their wet swimming suits and towels.


Most importantly, remember to make your own pool party checklist based on the theme you’ve chosen and the guests you’ve invited. It only takes a few minutes, and with this as a starter for your own pool party, you’ll be well on your way to throwing a bash your family and friends are sure to remember!