Radiant Pools Takes Center Stage

Albany, NY — When faced with the task of staging Metamorphoses at Capital Rep Theatre, director Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill needed to only look up the street for assistance. Just a ways up on North Pearl Street, Radiant Pools is a manufacturer of swimming pools for aboveground, inground and onground installations. President of Radiant Pools and Capital Rep subscriber, Tony Sirco, knew the unique 2” wall panel structure of his pool was exactly what would work for this production.

“The structure of our pool, with its ease of installation, can sit on the stage without the need for bracing or anchoring. It’s inherent strength, once assembled, is the perfect foundation for their set. We custom made the panels to their specs, helped them set it up and they were ready to go,” says Sirco.

Director Mancinelli-Cahill wrote in a letter to Radiant Pools, “On behalf of everyone at Capital Rep, I want to thank you again for the expertise and support you gave us in order to make the pool possible for Metamorphoses . We could not have done it without your help and we truly appreciate it.”

Radiant Pools Takes Center Stage Radiant Pools Takes Center Stage Radiant Pools Takes Center Stage