Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Geneva, NY — Radiant Pools ended the year on a high note, recently taking part in an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. As long time fans of this show, we at Radiant Pools have always admired and applauded what Extreme Makeover: Home Edition does in bringing communities and businesses together to help so many families. We were excited to be involved in this project and have the opportunity to help out this incredible family. The experience was tremendous for Radiant Pools as a company and especially for the personnel who traveled to the site in Geneva, NY to install the pool.

As a New York State manufacturer and an Energy Star Partner, we are especially excited and proud to contribute to this project that will so greatly benefit a family in our region. We were also glad to hopefully assist Mahoney Design & Build in their effort to amass points toward LEED Certification by
including our pool with its energy efficient and environmentally friendly features in this project. The great thing about owning a Radiant pool for this family is that it won’t overburden them in energy costs to heat it and it will extend the swimming season in the too short summers of Central NY.

One of the most amazing, yet challenging aspects of this project is the amount of time that a project of this magnitude is conceived, coordinated, constructed and completed. Working with Radiant Pool dealer, Tarson Pools of Syracuse, NY and their installers in coordinating the schedule of the pool installation We also worked with the landscape design company and the EMHE show’s design producer regarding the liner, step and coping selections. There was also the concrete contractors, the hardscape builders, the electricians and plumbers, the heavy equipment operator all cooperating in this effort to get the pool installed and the backyard complete. As noted by Radiant employee, Chuck Foster, who travelled to the site for the installation, the amazing amount of goodwill and cooperation involved was phenomenal.

The site was revealed on Monday, 8/18/08 when the EMHE crew showed up at the Hill Family residence in Geneva, NY. The pool construction began on Friday, 8/22/08 and was completed and ready for the big Reveal (MOVE THAT BUS!) to the family on Monday, 8/25/08. It was amazing to discover the scope of involvement and the sense of community that was the real buzz on this entire experience. People came from all over, volunteering to do all kinds of things, from hard labor duties to food service to information service and traffic direction. Beyond the television show, the people of Geneva were really coming out to help one of their own. For everyone at Radiant Pools, it was an honor to be involved and an experience we’ll not soon forget.

Friday 8/22/08 - The pool construction
Saturday 8/23/08 - The pool refill and concrete finishing
Sunday 8/24/08 - Cleaning the pool and finishing work
Monday 8/25/08 - The Reveal, time to “Move That Bus!”

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Extreme Makeover: Home Edition